4 Ways Physical Therapy Speeds up Post-Surgery Recovery

Although most of the battle has been won once the surgery is successful, there’s still the matter of recovery. Depending on the surgery, recovery could take a long time and can affect your daily life.

While other factors, such as a strong support system and access to resources, can definitely help speed up recovery, doctors often recommend physical therapy for their patients. Physical therapy can have many benefits, but it can be especially helpful for those recovering from surgery.

Physical Therapy Helps With Swelling

Swelling is normal after surgery. However, if you want to keep the swelling at bay, physical therapy can help you with that.

Physical therapy improves blood circulation, reducing swelling. For swelling in the limbs, physical therapists will often reduce swelling by elevating the limbs above the heart level.

Physical Therapy Helps Manage Pain

Healing from surgery can be painful. That’s why doctors will often prescribe pain medication to help the patient in their recovery.

While some people might think engaging in physical therapy after surgery can add to the pain, the reality is actually the opposite. Doctors would often recommend patients do light physical activities post-surgery to help speed up the recovery.

You might feel a slight discomfort at first, but this is nothing to worry about. In fact, physical therapy can stimulate the body’s natural painkillers, easing the pain.

To help manage pain, physical therapists would often recommend stretching, strengthening exercises, and aerobic exercises. Passive physical therapies, such as massaging and using ice packs, can also provide pain relief.

Physical Therapy Helps Restore Balance

Your balance might be a bit off while regaining your strength after surgery. The risk of falls can be especially high and may lead to some complications. So, it’s essential to build your strength gradually and regain your balance.

Physical therapy can help you restore your balance through various exercises. A physical therapist can assist you while doing tai chi movements or yoga to improve your balance in a safe way.

Physical Therapy Prevents Post-Surgery Complications

People can often get complacent just because the surgery was a success. However, it is crucial to remain cautious while on recovery as post-surgery complications can occur. It is especially risky for frail patients and the elderly.

Engaging in physical therapy can help lower the risk of post-surgery complications in patients. Physical therapists can gently guide and monitor patients as they slowly build up their mobility and regain their independence. Having a professional supervise a recovering patient can really lower the risk of complications, ensuring gradual and steady recovery.

Final Thoughts

Recovery is often an overlooked aspect of a patient’s treatment journey. It allows them to heal properly from their surgery while slowly ushering them back to their regular and independent life. Physical therapy is one way patients can speed up their recovery. And doctors often recommend it for their patients for the benefits it holds. Physical therapy can ease swelling, help with pain management, restore the patient’s balance, and reduce the risk of post-surgery complications.

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