5 More Senior Activities for Better Physical & Mental Health

In a previous blog post, we outlined five simple therapeutic activities for seniors. Read on for five more simple suggestions to keep your senior loved one engaged and active:

  1. Traverse the Great Outdoors
    Spending time under the sun and breathing fresh air is a requirement for living a fulfilling life. Seniors in hospice and palliative care should allot a spot in their daily schedule wherein they can spend some time outdoors. Those with limited mobility can sit on a bench in a nearby park or botanical garden by being assisted with their wheelchair.Spending an hour or so doing simple things like feeding ducks on a lake, having a picnic, watching birds, or exploring the neighborhood will do wonders for anyone’s overall well-being.
  2. Engaging with Puzzles
    Engaging older adults in simple activities like solving puzzles, sudoku, and crossword puzzles can be wonderful opportunities to engage their mental acuity. Spending time just sitting down and working with their hands and mind is tremendously helpful in keeping mental degradation at bay.A fun group activity can be done with friends through simple board or card games. These require the perfect combination of social interaction, mental puzzles, fine hand movements, and fun all in a bundle!
  3. Take a Trip to the KitchenMany older adults likely spent years of their life cooking or baking for their families. Spending time in the kitchen can trigger very happy memories, making it enjoyable for everyone.

    Some seniors may no longer have the ability to prepare ingredients or spend time in front of the stove, but that’s okay. Even just the sights, smells, and sounds of a busy kitchen can tremendously brighten their mood and make their day happier. Sharing a meal with them after your food preparation is like a fantastic icing on a delicious cake!

  4. Enjoy Life’s Indulgences
    A little bit of pampering can bring so much joy and relaxation for older adults. Bringing your senior loved one in for a spa appointment, skin treatment, manicure, or a simple haircut can do wonders for their mood. You don’t even have to travel too far—some senior communities provide these services on-site. No matter your age, you deserve these treats and small indulgences, after all.
  5. Serve in Community AdvocaciesOne of the best, most fulfilling ways to engage older adults is to participate in community advocacy. Working on behalf of a good cause brings so much joy and purpose in everyone, so participating in a food drive or any fundraising activity is a wonderful choice for you and your senior loved one.

    Simple volunteering activities will not only help those in need but will also help prevent feelings of uselessness that start creeping up in this stage of their life. Whether it’s cooking food, wrapping gifts, decorating an activity hall, or sewing clothes, the specific task is not as important as the feeling of doing things with a purpose.


These are only some of the ways you can engage your senior loved one every day. An active, engaging lifestyle promotes longevity and improved cognition for older adults. Their activities need not be anything too adventurous or complex. After all, the simple things in life are often the best!

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