5 Questions You to Ask When Choosing the Right Rehab Facility

Finding a suitable rehabilitation facility is a must when recovering from a traumatic injury. It can be the difference between successfully regaining total health once more or continuing to struggle with healing.

That said, picking a rehab facility can be a little more complicated than one might imagine. Each rehabilitation facility can offer vastly differing services, meaning that not all facilities won’t have what you need to recover.

Here are the questions you should ask to pick a suitable rehab facility:

1. What Treatments Do You Offer?

Remember, different injuries require different types of treatments. A person who has just had an amputation done, for instance, will need other treatments than another person who had to deal with some form of brain injury. Your task here is to understand the facility’s programs, ensuring that it meets your specific needs. Otherwise, you may not receive the full support you need to recover.

2. How Often Is Care Provided?

Some rehab centers will offer 24/7 care, while others only on certain hours of a day. At the least, licensed rehab facilities will offer three hours of therapy every day, five days a week. If your rehab program requires you to have care done outside of regular work hours, you will want to ensure the rehab facility you pick can accommodate that. If you need round-the-clock care, then a facility that can provide 24/7 care is a must.

3. Is the Staff Qualified for the Job?

Qualifications are a must in the rehab industry. You will want to make sure that all staff members have advanced degrees or are certified by the board. This way, you can rest easy knowing that they know exactly how to treat you as a patient and that their care will only improve your journey to recovery.

If you can, ask whether the staff is trained with acute care. This ensures you enjoy the quickest care possible while avoiding chronic issues.

4. Are One-on-One Sessions Offered?

Some rehab centers will offer one-on-one sessions, while others will do it in a group-like manner. Which one you want is generally up to your preferences. Typically, if you want a more tailored plan to your needs, then a one-to-one session is something you’ll enjoy.

On the other hand, if you want more emotional support and opportunities to socialize, group sessions may be something you’ll prefer.

5. Do You Encourage Family Participation?

Family support can go a long way in helping you recover quicker and even enjoy the process. If this is something you value, asking the rehab facility to accommodate this is a must.

Most rehab facilities in most settings will understand the importance of family participation, so be sure to know whether the facility you want to work with offers information that your family can easily access.


By asking all of the above questions, you stand a much higher chance of picking the right rehabilitation center to meet your needs. That being said, if you have any other questions that aren’t included here, feel free to ask away.

Getting as much information out of your rehab centers as possible will help you understand what is to be expected from their services and is vital to help you decide whether they are the right ones to support your recovery process.

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