5 Senior Activities for Better Physical & Mental Health

As they say, age is just a number. Seniors can still enjoy their lives despite their age and the state of their health. With these therapeutic activities, older adults can find more creative outlets to boost their physical, emotional, and mental states:

  1. Take Time to Exercise
    Many older people, unfortunately, don’t do enough exercise. However, it’s crucial that seniors take time to get moving. On the other hand, some seniors are limited because of pain and other physical problems.
    The good news is, seniors don’t need to run a marathon just to get their heart rate up and their body moving. Low-impact exercises, such as swimming, yoga, strength training with light dumbbells, and sports like golfing or fishing are great options for seniors today.
    Committing to regular exercise can lower the risk of depression, increase energy, and prevent insomnia.
  2. Try Animal Therapy
    Some seniors may have a hard time bonding with others, which is why animal therapy can be a good option. Owning a pet or spending time with a dog or cat can be therapeutic.
    Animal therapy can help fight depression, decrease feelings of loneliness, lower blood pressure and stress, and improve motor skills. This is why some retirement facilities offer animal therapy as a service.
  3. Listen to Soothing Music
    Music is effective in stimulating cognitive function. Seniors with dementia find listening to familiar songs from their youth help bring back lost memories. Additionally, listening to relaxing and nostalgic tunes can boost their mood, which will help alleviate their stress.
    It will also be helpful to have them attend live music, such as a piano recital.
  4. Engage in Various Forms of Art Therapy
    Art therapy is one of the simplest forms of therapy, and it can be effective for older adults. Art therapy is another form of communication that provides visual and sensory expressions. Moreover, art therapy provides a general sense of well-being.
  5. Say Yes to Video Games
    Yes, seniors can play video games, too—and they can be therapeutic! Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect are ideal consoles for seniors because they can keep their bodies moving even at home. These consoles feature games that provide mental stimulation that seniors need to stay healthy. Conversely, some games can help with their coordination and balance.


Growing old isn’t that bad; their golden years should be a time to enjoy life to the fullest and engage in activities that will keep their body moving and stimulate their senses. There are many things they can do; and who knows? They might be able to discover a new passion or hobby that will get their blood pumping and give them a new direction in life that they will love!

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