Connecting Patients and Doctors – An Overview on Telemedicine

Healthcare continues to develop together with technology, not just in the pharmaceutical industry but also with patient management. Developments in these areas usually spring up during crises, which is why telemedicine has been instrumental amid the global pandemic. COVID-19’s impact worldwide was a startling wake-up call to all nations, especially regarding their healthcare systems. Since the world isn’t used to a pandemic of this scale, developing innovative solutions was key to mitigate contraction rates. Part of the many technological solutions to minimize COVID-19’s impact is the use of telemedicine.

The Importance of Patient Management Systems

Telemedicine usually refers to phone call consultations where a patient can contact a doctor for non-emergency medical problems. While it doesn’t replace face-to-face consultations, it’s a necessary program for people undergoing treatment for chronic conditions. The convenience of telemedicine doesn’t just solve an accessibility issue for patients and physicians to interact; it also solves a major logistical problem for packed hospitals. Due to the pandemic, in-patient care was prioritized to handle COVID-19 patients. This means that patients with other illnesses were deprioritized due to the pandemic’s severity. Besides not having access to proper in-patient care, patients with medical conditions risk experiencing severe symptoms if they’re infected with COVID-19 at cramped hospitals. For this reason, visiting the hospital was even more dangerous than staying at home. Thankfully, telemedicine’s development proved to be an instrumental solution during these challenging times.

The Moving Parts of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is usually practiced in a hub site or app where a physician or healthcare facility delivers consultation services through a telecommunication system. In the past, specialized videoconferencing tools connected to diagnostic peripherals had to be purchased and installed into the system. This included stethoscopes and even EKG monitors. Today, telemedicine is much more portable and accessible, primarily because computers and mobile devices have better processing capabilities. Faster internet speeds allow video conferencing to be a standard part of every consultation call, allowing real-time telecommunication to be more effective. Besides providing better means of consulting with physicians, telemedicine aids in better patient monitoring. Remote monitoring through advanced medical tools lets physicians deliver better treatment, especially in recording and diagnosing progressive medical conditions.

The Value of Telemedicine

Telemedicine only requires a web camera and access to the internet for patients and physicians to interact on a secure patient portal. This digital hub will contain and record all medical records for the convenience of both properties. Only physicians with the respective state medical licenses can provide patients with prescriptions for an extra security layer. This optimized method of providing out-patient care is an excellent step to the healthcare industry moving forward. Even after post-pandemic times, healthcare establishments utilizing telemedicine will have a more systematic integration of patient management. Since communication between parties is much faster and more accessible, immediate response to treatments and conditions is also more positive.


It’s technology’s goal to make lives easier for customers and service providers, regardless of their industry. This principle also applies to the development of healthcare technology. Thankfully, the accessibility of telemedicine bridges the gap between patients and physicians. This allows for a more seamless patient management experience for all healthcare establishments. At Morristown Post Acute, we provide quality healthcare services utilizing the latest in medical technologies. We partnered with Tapestry Telehealth to give our patients the best care possible, even in the comfort of their own homes. If you need 24-hour nursing care in Morristown, call us today at 973-946-8658!