How Do You Know if You Need Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab

Do I need cardiac rehab? That’s a question many people ask after undergoing heart surgery. Those who have just had heart surgery, or are otherwise high-risk patients, should be screened for their risk of developing cardiac diseases like coronary artery disease or atrial fibrillation. These conditions may be prevented or reduced by enrolling in cardiac rehabilitation programs.

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac rehab is a supervised program that helps patients who have experienced heart problems rebuild their strength and regain their health. They may include supervised exercise, education, and lifestyle modifications, such as diet and smoking cessation.

Who Needs Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac rehabilitation is usually recommended to people who have undergone heart surgery, including:

Those with heart disease
Those who have undergone heart surgery in the last six months
Those who have a history of heart disease or heart surgery

What are the Benefits of Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac rehabilitation can help by decreasing mortality risk, improving quality of life, and reducing the risk of rehospitalization for heart patients. Cardiac rehab may also be recommended for people with hypertension, renal disease, arthritis, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, and other chronic conditions.

How Long Does Cardiac Rehab Take?

The length of a cardiac rehabilitation program depends on the severity of the heart condition and the patient’s health. Typically, a cardiac rehab program takes about 6 to 8 weeks.

What to Expect From a Cardiac Rehab?

The overall goal of cardiac rehab is to help patients with heart disease and heart surgery recover from their heart condition and return to their daily lifestyles. Many programs offer exercise and education on healthy lifestyle changes, including “smart” ways to exercise and diet. Some incorporate the use of technology, like telemedicine and remote monitoring, to provide patients with care and support outside the hospital, or in the privacy of their own homes.

When Does Cardiac Rehab Start?

Cardiac rehabilitation is typically started as soon as possible after a patient recovers from heart surgery. The time of discharge from the hospital may differ but typically occurs just after a patient can manage their care and resume normal daily activities.

How Long Will You Be in Cardiac Rehab?

The length of a cardiac rehabilitation program depends on the severity of the heart condition and the patient’s health. Typically, a cardiac rehab program takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

Where is Cardiac Rehab Held?

Cardiac rehab may be held in a hospital, rehabilitation center, or in a home-based setting. It typically includes education, exercise, and lifestyle modification.

How to Choose the Right Cardiac Rehab Program?

A cardiac rehab program is a great option for patients recovering from heart surgery, but the program itself should be tailored to the individual. To help find a program that fits your specific needs, you should talk to your doctor, cardiologist, and other specialists.

The Right Cardiac Rehab Program for You

Cardiac rehabilitation can help patients who have had heart surgery recall a healthy lifestyle. If you have had heart surgery or another heart condition, you may want to discuss enrolling in cardiac rehabilitation with your doctor.

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