Respite Care: 4 Facts Every Family Member Should Know About

Respite care can occur in your own home, at community centers, or 24-hour nursing care centers. The entire concept of respite care isn’t always clear to a lot of people. Here are a few facts to better understand how respite care works and how your family can benefit from it.

Fact #1: Respite care offers relief and renewal.

Caregiving can be a highly demanding and, at times, stressful responsibility for any person. Most of the time, you’re not fully equipped to handle every situation without some help from others. Even you need some time off from caregiving to take care of your own health and well-being. By arranging respite care from your loved ones, you get the break that you deserve. Take that time to renew your energy so you can go back to taking care of your loved ones with a renewed sense of balance in your life.

Fact #2: Respite care reduces the risk of developing bad habits.

Any family member juggling a 9-5 job and doing some caregiving amidst all the house chores is bound to feel overwhelmed and burned out. If you’re feeling overworked and stressed, there’s a risk of you developing bad habits like smoking, drinking, or stress-eating. All those habits can negatively affect your health and may even affect the way you care for your loved ones.

Fact #3: Respite care lets you experience what community living is like.

If you ever see the need to move your senior loved ones to a memory care center or a retirement home, then respite care can serve as a practice space to ease them into what community living is like. There is always that fear of the unknown whenever someone transitions into a senior care facility. Respite care will make the transition easier for everyone.

Fact #4: Respite care gives your loved ones a break too.

Even your parents or grandparents need some social time with people other than you and your family. Through respite care, they have many opportunities to socialize with their fellow seniors. A change of location also brings in new experiences that your loved ones may not experience at home.


Today, many caregivers don’t think of respite care as an option to help them care for their elderly loved ones. What people don’t understand is it’s a concept that could benefit every member of their family, including the elderly. Respite care provides relief from all your caregiving responsibilities and also a chance for your loved ones to see other people their age. It’s practically a win-win situation for the entire family.

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