Unforgettable Love: An Insight into Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Out of all the illnesses that may occur in an aging person, Alzheimer’s and dementia would have to be some of the most debilitating of them all. Other diseases would target the heart, lungs, or colon, but this one targets a central part of the body—a central part of your personality, in fact—and it’s none other than the mind!

You may have encountered patients with these conditions before who showed signs of memory loss and behavior changes. Just imagine the impact that this may have, not only on the patients but also on their families! Waking up with no memory of their loved ones, getting lost within their own homes, and losing the ability to do everyday tasks that they used to accomplish are just some of the most saddening moments that they may experience. These are the main reasons why utmost care and attention should be given towards them, as they would need all the help they can get to survive through the day.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care and the Challenges That Come with It

Caring for a person with such conditions is not a task that should be taken lightly. As the disease continues to progress, so would the needs of the patient.

The symptoms would usually start out slow, with the patient tending to forget important dates and names. Around the time that it reaches its advanced stages, they may no longer be able to identify their loved ones, their friends, or even their home.

The change in their attitude would also contribute to the overall difficulty of their care. They would often become moody, stubborn, and frustrated, creating scenarios that would require a lot of patience from both the caregiver and their other family members.

The Advantages of Caring for an Alzheimer’s or Dementia Patient

While the task may be a very difficult one, it would all be worth it in the end due to the following benefits:

1. It Would Widen Your Horizons

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia would give you a new perspective in life. Back then, you may have taken everything for granted, not being able to appreciate your precious moments with your own loved ones; now, it is a lot different! You now feel longing and importance towards your family, making the most of every moment without even skipping a beat.

2. It Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

This may sound selfish at first glance, but remember, there is nothing wrong with feeling fulfilled in doing your job. Caring for a patient is one thing, but giving them utmost care with all of your heart and mind is another feat in itself! So, if you were able to make your patient smile for even just a while, then don’t just be proud—be happy! You did something great and worthy of your time.

3. It Provides You with a Valuable Mission in Life

Purpose—that is what we’re all here for. That is what motivates us to get up from our bed in the morning and tackle the winding road ahead. If you were to dedicate your life to serving those who are in need, then not only would you avoid the feeling of emptiness and purposelessness, but you would also feel that life is worth living all in all!


These are terrible ailments that may befall any unsuspecting person. The amount of trauma and confusion that a patient may experience is nothing short of tragic and saddening. In such a case, the person in charge of their care should be well-prepared, both physically and emotionally, to handle all their needs. Listen to them, guide them, and show them that they will always leave a mark with their loved ones despite their fading memories.

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