MPA Staff Spotlight: Brittney Press, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Morristown’s specialized diabetes program ensures that our residents are well cared for and are equipped with the knowledge and confidence they need to be proactive about their health when they return home.

Brittney assesses each resident’s nutritional needs and goals, developing and implementing individual nutritional plans to help achieve those goals. She collaborates with our medical staff, including doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals to coordinate each person’s medical and dietary needs. “We are now partnered with a metabolic nutritional medicine team for our parental support residents, which is a great opportunity,” she says.

According to Brittney, the severity of diabetes and level of support needed by most of the residents she sees is high, especially for those in sub-acute care. Brittney is committed to helping optimize glucose control of each resident by providing appropriate diet education and support. As Morristown’s primary dietician, Brittney conducts nutritional assessments for sub-acute and long-term care residents every day. Following each individual resident personally is important, and she enjoys doing meal rounds to interact with residents. During these rounds Brittney learns each resident’s likes and dislikes and collaborates with Morristown’s food service department to share this information as well as each resident’s meal selections and dietary supplements.

In addition to nutritional information and education, there’s a lot of work that Brittney does behind the scenes, including MDS coding, collecting information about new admissions, charting, and creating care plans, and calling families and other health care professionals. Thank you, Brittney, for providing attentive, individualized care, support and education for our diabetic residents!