Morristown Post Acute is Excited To Announce We Are Covid Free!

Leading the Way to Covid Free

Early on, at the very start of this crisis, we closed our doors on March 8th to visitors and family members, well before the Governor’s order to do so. That was a very difficult decision as we knew our family members and residents would be devastated to not be able to see each other, but our overriding and primary concern was the safety of our residents.

To prevent the spread of this virus, we immediately started taking our staff’s temperature daily, in addition to monitoring each resident’s temperature. We made sure masks and proper PPE wear was available throughout our building and we distributed hand sanitizer and added more pumps to every floor and unit. In-services were scheduled regularly, to educate our staff on how to properly wear their PPE, remove it and dispose it, as well as proper handwashing and infection control protocols. We started using paper plates and utensils that could be disposed of. Residents remained in their rooms and FaceTime communication with their loved ones –facilitated by our Recreation Staff – became the new norm.

Our indefatigable DON, Jeannine Sedlacik, directed our nursing team, assuring compliance with the latest CDC guidelines and making sure everyone was kept abreast of all developments. And at our helm stood Administrator Eli Freund who served as a source of encouragement and strength. His ongoing letters and email blasts to our families kept them informed and up-to-date. When the need arose, our fifth floor was designated as a special dedicated unit for Covid patients, and we were able to care for overflow of patients from area hospitals. It was a trying time for our staff, but they stepped up to the plate and did what needed to be done. Our Rehab Department did a wonderful job with the Covid patients and an overwhelming majority returned home healthy.

We are truly grateful that the worst is behind us! All our staff and residents have been tested and are NEGATIVE. We continue to wear our masks and PPE and have our temperatures taken daily. Our center is still not opened to the public, but we are now able to arrange outdoor visitation following the Governors guidelines. We look forward to the time when we can once again open our doors to family and friends. We owe this success to the hard work and dedication of all our staff at Morristown Post Acute, and the guidance we received from our amazing Administrator, DON and Department Heads.